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Explaining Cavities to Your Child

If it seems like your child is always getting cavities, you’re not alone. Afamily dentist in Foley, AL, sees lots of kids who just can’t seem to stop getting cavities. Of course, a lot of it has to do with kids eating too much sugar. But some people are naturally more prone to developing cavities, […]

How Long Do Same Day Dentures Last?

If you’re not interested in waiting a long time before your permanent dentures in Foley, AL, are ready, you might be interested in same day dentures. Same day dentures allow you to walk out of your dentist’s office with natural-looking teeth the same day you come in for treatment. This newer alternative offers convenience, affordability, and […]

How Long Does it Take to Get a Dental Bridge?

At Sand Dollar Dental, we’re committed to offering a range of treatment options for missing teeth, includingdental bridges in Foley, AL. Dental bridges are a solution for adults with one or more missing teeth. One of the most common questions we get from people in that situation is how long it takes to get a […]

Daily Denture Care

It took a lot to get the perfect fit for your dentures in Foley, AL. Now that you have great dentures that make you look and feel good, doesn’t it make sense to do everything you can to ensure they last as long as possible? Here are the tips you need for daily denture care to […]

5 Qualities to Look for In a Family Dentist

It’s important to find a family dentist in Foley, AL, that you can trust. Knowing what qualities to look for in a family dentist can help make your search for a dental professional more successful and rewarding. From a good reputation to sufficient availability, here’s what you should be searching for when you’re looking for a […]

Top 7 Procedures for Smile Restoration

Interested in improving your smile? Your dentist in Foley, AL, has solutions, including these seven most common procedures: 1. Clear Aligners Clear Aligners perform many of the same duties as braces, but with less visibility. Instead of using wires and brackets that attach to your teeth, clear aligners use a series of clear plastic trays. 2. […]