Daily Denture Care

It took a lot to get the perfect fit for your dentures in Foley, AL. Now that you have great dentures that make you look and feel good, doesn’t it make sense to do everything you can to ensure they last as long as possible? Here are the tips you need for daily denture care to ensure they are hygienic and ready for wear.

Cleaning Dentures

Just like teeth, your dentures must be cleaned regularly to free them from bacteria, food particles, plaque, and other things. In fact, your dentures need special cleaning that goes beyond traditional oral hygiene. This includes:

Rinsing After Eating – Every time you have a snack or a beverage other than water, take a minute to rinse your dentures. You can do this during a regular bathroom break. This helps to dislodge food particles and helps to make dentures last longer.

Brushing Often – Some people only brush dentures at night before going to bed. But if you take a minute to brush after lunch and dinner as well, your dentures will be better for it.

Soaking Overnight – Each night, soak dentures in a cleaning solution that’s specially made for dentures. This helps eliminate bacteria that may be left over after brushing and rinsing.

Handling Dentures

Dentures are strong and durable, but they aren’t unbreakable. treat them delicately because they could break if you drop them. Always handle with care. When removing dentures, stand over a countertop surface that’s covered with a soft towel. If you drop them, they won’t land on a hard surface. Hold the dentures gently but firmly. Avoid bending or damaging the material.

Maintaining Oral Health

Taking care of your mouth is just as important as taking care of your dentures. Before inserting your dentures in the morning, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently clean your mouth’s gums, tongue, and roof. Keeping your mouth moist helps prevent irritation and discomfort from dentures. Visit your dentist regularly to ensure your dentures fit properly and to check for any issues with your oral health.

If you need any help with dentures or you need to be fitted for new ones, contact your dentist in Foley, AL. We offer full and partial denture services and are always happy to help!

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