How is Botox Used in Dentistry?

Most likely, when you think about Botox, you imagine injections that smooth out wrinkles on the forehead. Botox is really well-liked since it is often used for this specific objective. It’s true that Botox is highly effective for getting rid of the appearance of wrinkles. But is also often used in dentistry. In fact, Botox has been used as a medical treatment in dentistry for much longer than it has been used for cosmetic purposes. Botox injections are a treatment option that your dentist in Foley, AL can use for a number of issues.

Alleviation of Pain From TMJ

If you suffer with TMJ, you are already aware of how unpleasant and painful this condition often is. This is an issue that your dentist can help with. By paralyzing the muscles that are responsible for teeth grinding at night, Botox has been shown to be a successful treatment for the discomfort and strain of TMJ. Botox also helps to prevent harm to your teeth and jaw from TMJ, in addition to relieving the associated discomfort and pain.

Discomfort From Dentures

A patient may experience some pain and discomfort during the time period immediately after getting new dentures. In addition to making the patient’s experience unnecessarily unpleasant, this discomfort may prevent them from wearing their dentures correctly or for long enough durations of time to get them accustomed to wearing dentures. When muscles tense up in response to the unfamiliar feeling of wearing dentures, Botox is often utilized in dentistry to help the muscles relax.

Dentistry Botox For Wrinkles

Your dentist in Foley, AL can even help with getting rid of wrinkles. Although most people immediately think of going to a dermatologist for Botox injections for wrinkles, your dentist is trained, licensed and experienced with this treatment. This is convenient because you can often combine Botox for wrinkles treatment in conjunction with your regular dental visit, saving you time. Your dentist can use Botox to treat fine lines around the eyes, lips, forehead or other areas where wrinkles are making you look older than you feel.

The next time you see your dentist, ask them about Botox treatment, and whether it is something that could be useful for your oral health or appearance. Contact Sand Dollar Dental today to book your next appointment now.

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