How Long Do Same Day Dentures Last?

If you’re not interested in waiting a long time before your permanent dentures in Foley, AL, are ready, you might be interested in same day dentures. Same day dentures allow you to walk out of your dentist’s office with natural-looking teeth the same day you come in for treatment. This newer alternative offers convenience, affordability, and the confidence to face the day without anyone knowing you’re missing one or more teeth.

How Long do Same Day Dentures Last?

One of the questions patients ask about same day dentures is how long they last. Unlike traditional dentures, same day dentures aren’t intended to be worn permanently. Traditional dentures have the capacity to last for decades. Same day dentures are certainly durable, but they won’t last anywhere close to decades. But that’s okay because they’re only intended to be a temporary solution.

With care, same day dentures can last for several months, but likely less than a full year. Of course, it doesn’t take several months or a year for your permanent dentures to be made. However, many patients find that being able to wear same day dentures for longer allows them to prepare for the cost of their permanent dentures financially. And in the meantime, the patient doesn’t have to suffer the indignity of appearing in public with missing teeth.

Health Benefits of Same Day Dentures

Immediately after tooth extraction, the gums are not ready for permanent dentures. The timing of waiting a while before wearing permanent dentures is necessary because as the gums heal and the swelling subsides, the immediate dentures might not fit as snugly as they initially did, leading to discomfort and potential issues with eating and speaking. So same day dentures not only help the patient to feel more confident; they also serve an important function until the gums are healed sufficiently so that permanent dentures can be fitted and worn.

While same day dentures offer immediate benefits, their lifespan is limited compared to permanent dentures. Investing in high-quality same day dentures and adhering to a regular maintenance routine can significantly impact their durability until you’re ready for your new permanent dentures. Contact your Foley, AL dentist at Sand Dollar Dental to learn all about the process for getting same day dentures!

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