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3 Tips for Scheduling Your Family’s Dental Appointments

A family dentist is used to working with busy parents who don’t always have a lot of free time. While it may not seem difficult to get in a dental appointment once a year, the scenario looks a little different when you factor in the many other activities in your life. At Sand Dollar Dentist, a family dentist in Foley, AL, we’ll share a few tips that might make it easier.

1. Consider Your Family’s Habits

Every family will have their own dental issues, even if it’s just a little too much sugar after bedtime. If your child’s teeth have been growing in a little crooked or your child has complained of pain while eating, you may need to come back in for a few more appointments. Preparing for this can not only prompt you can take action quickly, so you can correct problems sooner than later, it can also make it a little easier to handle if your family does need to come back in for a follow-up or two.

2. Prepare Your Kids Before You Come In

A dental appointment can go far longer than you plan if you’re not careful. The more comfortable your kids are with being in the chair, the faster you’ll be able to get in and out. This can include anything from simple conversations about the dentist to watching videos of common procedures. Plus, even if you’re not a fan of the dentist, try not to show that to your kids. The more nervous you are, the longer you’re likely to hang around.

3. Choose a Family Dentist in Foley

The right dentist will know how important your time is, and they’ll go the extra mile to accommodate it. Ideally, you’ll schedule all of your appointments at the same time, and your dentist will be able to organize your records so it’s easy to book appointments, pay for appointments, and set reminders for the next ones. At Sand Dollar Dentist, we’re used to working with multiple members of the same family, and we do everything we can to respect your time, budget, and oral health needs. Schedule a dental appointment in Foley, AL today if you’re looking for a team that understands.

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