Why Your Breath Still Smells Bad, Even After You Brush Your Teeth

Do you have bad breath, even after you brush your teeth? It’s possible that you need help from a dentist in Foley, AL. Some dental problems can cause persistent bad breath. Knowing the causes of persistent bad breath can help you decide whether you need to come to the dentist.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath is typically caused by poor brushing and food particles that are in the mouth. Usually, brushing your teeth will eliminate bad breath. However, there are many potential causes of bad breath that can’t be fixed by brushing your teeth. Here are some examples:

  • Infection in the teeth. Infection is caused by bacteria that can produce a smell.
  • Gum disease. Gum disease occurs when bacteria in your mouth causes inflammation and infection, producing a smell.
  • Food you ate. Once food you’ve eaten enters the blood stream, you may smell the food on your breath even after your teeth have been brushed.

Do You Have Persistent Bad Breath? What to Do

Persistent bad breath could be occurring because of an infection in your mouth, either because of gum disease or because of an infection in your tooth. If this is a problem you’re experiencing, try to take note of other things that could give you a clue regarding your particular problem.

  • Does your bad breath occur only after eating certain foods, or is it persistent all the time?
  • Are you experiencing any other symptoms, like a toothache, red and inflamed gums, or tooth sensitivity?
  • Do you notice any problems inside your mouth, such as a crack or hole in your tooth?

Unless you can connect your bad breath back to a problem relating to a particular kind of food you’ve eaten, it’s best to have your problem checked out by a dentist. Make an appointment.

Prevent Persistent Bad Breath

One good way to avoid persistent bad breath is to go to your dentist regularly for a dental cleaning in Foley, AL. Seeing the dentist twice per year can prevent problems like periodontitis, gingivitis and tooth infections. Call Sand Dollar Dental today to make a dental appointment.

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